• Hoshi no Yu

[Renovation Notice]

Main Building 8F Public Bath "Hoshi No Yu" is having renovation.

Due to renovation, there are some changes of operating hours and bathing location.

Renovation Period: February 13th, 2018~ April 27th, 2018

During renovations, "Elm" and "Lilac" will be available instead of "Hoshi No Yu"

Due to Renovation of Hoshi no Yu (February 13th ~ April 27th), there will be some change of operating hour and available bath.

Operating Hour During Renovation (February 13th ~ April 27th)

- Tsuki no Yu (Main Building B1)

Male Bathing Time         13:00 ~ 19:00
Female Bathing Time      20:00 ~ 10:00

- Elm lilac エルム・ライラック (West Building B1F)

Male Bathing Time          20:00 ~ 10:00
Female Bathing Time      13:00 ~ 19:00

Regular Operating Hour

- Tsuki no Yu (Main Building B1)

Male Bathing Time         13:00 ~ 02:00
Female Bathing Time      03:30 ~ 10:00

- Hoshi no Yu (West Building 8F)

Male Bathing Time          03:30 ~ 10:00
Female Bathing Time      13:00 ~ 02:00
*Female stone spa also available at Hoshi no Yu

- Sauna

06:00 ~ 10:00 / 13:00 ~ 23:00

Hoshi no Yu

Open Air Toya Lake View Hotspring

Hoshi no Yu

Japanese Garden Style Bath

Hoshi no Yu

Hoshi no Yu

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